Developing effective water policy is troublesome for a number of reasons; first, it has unique physical properties, complex economic characteristics and important cultural features that distinguish it from all other resources. Second, water resource management is administratively complicated because it involves legal, environmental, technological, economic and political considerations. Nonetheless, most policy options are framed and discussed in economic terms. In most societies, political considerations dominate decisions on water resource use, whereas technology policy for safe water using ‘system interventions’ (e.g., policy interventions, institutional innovations, new approaches to shaping the innovation process) has immense importance. Sub themes for Water Sector are:

1. Role of STI for Linking the water sector with the national economy and social policy
2. Technological Intervention in Water sector for universalization of safe drinking water and emerging issues in water management;
3. Economic Polices and Water use in India, Economic organization of the water sector: markets or governments;
4. Policy Issues in Water Sector, Water policies and demand management, Role of Institutions and Property Right;
5. Science, Technology and Innovations for Adaptation, Mitigation and Economic/Financial issues in Water Resource Policy