Wide urban-rural gap in the availability of medical services and inequality in science, technology and health innovation capacity in India is evident in the extent of the health facilities and disease burden. India needs to position itself strategically with regard to shaping and driving a new research and innovation agenda necessary for disease treatment and diagnosis through STI. New continental initiatives must focus on shifting the apparent success in health innovations to product development and product delivery. Sub themes for Health sector are:

1. Technological trends and opportunities to combat diseases of the poor in India
2. Healthcare polices and role of technology for Inclusive Healthcare System;
3. Point of Care and Healthcare Technologies in India: Issues and Challenges
4. Indigenous Knowledge (IK) and Innovation Systems for Public Health in India
5. Health Equity and Inequality, Health Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights in India, how STI can bridge this gap?
6. Role of IPR (Intellectual Property Rights), FDI and Private Healthcare (National and International) providers