Understanding the use of energy technologies, decline in cost, alternative sources of energy is of crucial importance for policy makers, industrial stakeholders and scientists alike. Policy and regulatory framework for renewable and non renewable energy technologies through STI interventions turn into important factor in this scenario. Technological learning is a key driver behind the improvement of energy technologies and subsequent reduction of production costs. The other major concern is the environment; how and in what extent the use of different means of energy is rational for sustainable development. Sub themes for Energy sector are:

1- Research and development for energy self sufficiency, efficient and affordable energy use and conservation practices;
2- Innovation and solutions for sustainable energy future;
3- Understanding Energy Challenges in India: Policy, Players and Issues;
4- Policy and Legislations affecting energy use, efficiency standards, emission standards, distribution reliability and reliability standards etc.
5- Energy Security and Fiscal Policies and International policy measures;
6- Research and analysis of waste management and utilization of the same for energy production.