Dr. Venkatesh Dutta

Dr. Venkatesh Dutta holds Ph.D from Centre for Regulatory & Policy Research, TERI University, New Delhi with major research focus on urban water systems. He completed his M.Sc. in Environmental Management from GGS Indraprastha University, Delhi and B.Sc. in Environmental Sciences from Ramjas College, University of Delhi. He has also completed an advanced course on sustainable development and role of technology from EPFL, Lausanne. Dr. Dutta’s research interests span environmental management with particular emphasis on integrated water resources management, river restoration, land-use planning, and regulatory policy modeling in the environment sector. He is also interested in spatial patterns, process, cause and consequence of urban sprawl vis-à-vis environmental impacts. In the past, his research work has integrated analytical tools of environmental management and economics to understand the spatial and functional order of growing cities, water systems and their peri-urban areas. He has about ten years of professional experience in areas of environmental management, development planning and advocacy. As a British Chevening Fellow (awarded by Foreign and Commonwealth Office, UK), he was invited to participate in the ministerial debate on climate change at the House of Commons, London in 2006. During the fellowship, he has interacted with numerous researchers as well as private corporations, state governments, and a number of European Governments and departments working on issues related to water resources and climate change adaptation.

During 2011-12, he was awarded the prestigious Fulbright fellowship under Fulbright-Nehru grant at School of Public Policy, University of Maryland at College Park. He has presented several invited lectures at universities and institutions of repute outside India since 2005 in USA, UK, Greece, Russia, Brazil, Belgium, Germany, France, Hungary, Switzerland etc. He has extensively surveyed some of the major river basins of the world such as Thames, Seine, Danube, Potomac, Michigan, Ganga, Gomti and Yamuna in order to understand the functional and ecological values of river systems and their significance in the built landscape. For the last five years, he has been actively working on water quality and ecosystem management of Gomti River using catchment planning approach. He has surveyed the entire river stretch of 960 km, right from the origin to its merging in Ganges using high resolution satellite data. He is a Fellow of Society of Earth Sciences, India and Member of professional bodies such as International Association of Hydrological Sciences, UK; American Association of Geographers, Indian Science Congress Association; International Association of Ecological Economics, Maryland. He is the recipient of United Nations Institute of Training & Research (UNITAR) Fellowship for doing a training program at EPFL, Lausanne; UGC Junior Research Fellowship (JRF/SRF) – 2001 – 2005 in Environmental Sciences; Sir Ratan Tata Trust Award, 2006; GDN Research Medal Award, Global Development Network for best research paper in international development, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2005; GDN Research Medal Finalist, Kuwait, 2008 and Budapest, 2012; and Global Development Marketplace Finalist, The World Bank, Washington DC, 2008.
Email: dvenks@gmail.com

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